Welcome to the HEB Elementary Honor Orchestra home page! The HEB Elementary Honor Orchestra is designed to provide a weekly orchestra experience for Suzuki students in the HEB school district who were chosen through an audition process. Through their training and hard work at rehearsals the students will learn: correct rehearsal procedures; to read music more easily; both to work as a team and to be a leader; to polish pieces for performances; and to present polished performances.  The Honor Orchestra has performed at the National Suzuki Association Leadership Training Meeting; Majestic Theater; Texas Music Educators Convention; and at the Meyerson Symphony Center.

The conductor of the Elementary Honor Orchestra is Vincent Pugh. Mr. Pugh is the Suzuki teacher at Bellaire Elementary and has conducted orchestras and honor orchestras in Kansas City, San Antonio, Austin and Arlington. Mr. Pugh really enjoys conducting youth orchestras and thinks one of the most exciting things in the world is to listen to young people perform with energy.

Congratulations on being selected for the orchestra! I am looking forward to working with you on some wonderful and challenging music this year!

Be sure to find the pieces we will be playing in the document manager and start listening to them.




Febraury 16

Our concert with the Honor choir is quickly approaching!  Please practice String Shredder, reviewing our work of 35 to the end.  Be sure you know the notes in 25-35.  Also practice both pages of our piece with honor choir - Danny Boy. Be careful of B flats and 16th notes.  Remember not to go fast!

February 2nd

Winter Festival Clinic and Concert this Saturday at Trinity High School.  Steven Eggleston will be conducting the students and having a conducting class for everyone.

Schedule is:  9:50 arrive at Trinity Auditorium  10:00-11:50 Rehearsal and Conducting class with Mr. Eggleston.  12:00-12:30 Dress Rehearsal  12:30-1:30 Lunch with your family 1:30 Tuning in the auditorium 2:00 Concert Begins

Be sure to have all the notes of Notable Neighbors and Secret Agent 440 ready for the concert.

December 1st - 7th

Wonderful Fall Festival!  Lots of learning experiences and nice concert performances!

Begin work on Secret agent 440, measures 1-33 and Notable Neighbors 1-29.  Looks for smart music assignments on the same pieces.

November 11th - 17th

Fall Festival concert on the 19th.  We will have a rehearsal at 10:00-11:00, a mariachi class from 11:00-12:00, lunch and then the concert will begin at 1:30.  Please be ready to play all of Contredanse and Burst!  Work on 65-end of Contredanse and 33 of Burst!

  Wonderful potluck dinner!  Thanks to everyone for bringing such great food!  Work on preparing Burst! and Contredanse for the concert.  Concentrate on 33- end of Burst! and 65-end of Contredanse.

October 28-November 3rd

Pot Luck Dinner next week!  Work on practicing the way you eat and the way others eat.  Have 1-24 of Burst!, 1-41 of Contredanse and a quicker Bluesish ready to play for your parents.

 October 21st-October 27th

We added the dancers to the Paris ballroom last night.  Please keep practicing Contredanse and add measures 57-65 to the beginning measures.  In Burst! please practice 17-33.  Next week we will talk about our Potluck dinner!

October 14th -20th

Keep working on counting!  Please practice, G scale with no c,  C major Chorale, Bluesish, Burst 1-24, and Contredanse concentrate on 20-32 and add 41-57.

October 7th - October 13th Good rehearsal this week!  Keep up the practice. Please prepare: C Major Chorale, Bluesish, Contredanse 1-41 and Joust! 1-24.  Also listen to the pieces in the document managerSeptember 29th - October 6th 1ST Rehearsal!

Please practice Contredanse 1-41, C major Chorale, Bluesish and listen to Contredanse, Notable Neighbors, Burst! and String Shredder on this website.