Welcome to the HEB Elementary Honor Orchestra home page! The HEB Elementary Honor Orchestra is designed to provide a weekly orchestra experience for Suzuki students in the HEB school district who were chosen through an audition process. Through their training and hard work at rehearsals the students will learn: correct rehearsal procedures; to read music more easily; both to work as a team and to be a leader; to polish pieces for performances; and to present polished performances.  The Honor Orchestra has performed at the National Suzuki Association Leadership Training Meeting; Majestic Theater; Texas Music Educators Convention; and at the Meyerson Symphony Center.

The conductor of the Elementary Honor Orchestra is Vincent Pugh. Mr. Pugh is the Suzuki teacher at Bellaire Elementary and has conducted orchestras and honor orchestras in Kansas City, San Antonio, Austin and Arlington. Mr. Pugh really enjoys conducting youth orchestras and thinks one of the most exciting things in the world is to listen to young people perform with energy.

Congratulations on being selected for the orchestra! I am looking forward to working with you on some wonderful and challenging music this year!

Be sure to find the pieces we will be playing in the document manager and start listening to them.




October 12th - Glad we got all the way through Haymaker Hoedown tonight!  You are now responsible for practicing all the notes in Haymaker hoedown.  Also work on Dragon Dances from 53-72 and 93-end.

October 5th - Good rehearsal!  Thanks for working on booms and chicks.  Please practice, D major Chorale, Perpetual Motion rock, Haymaker Hoedown 1-36 and Dragon Dances 93-end.  There will be a smart music assignment this week so be sure to sign-up!

September 28th -Congratulations on being in EHO!  Be sure to practice Chorale in C major, Perpetual Motion Rock and Haymaker Hoedown 1-24.  Also listen to each of the pieces that are in the document manager.  Please download smartmusic and get ready for assignments on it which will begin next week.