Hello! and Welcome to my homepage.

I am one of two counselors at BJH. If your last name begins with A-L, I am your counselor.

In addition to working with student scheduling, I can help you with many other things such as conflict resolution, dealing with some of the difficulties of life as a junior high student, etc. I also work closely with parents and teachers to help students succeed. 

It is time to start the 2016-2017 school year.


It will be a new and different year at BJH.  We have a new principal, Mr. Michael Martinak.

We have two new Assistant Principals, Mrs. Kellie Lowe and Mr. Christopher Hill.

We, also, have many several new teachers. 


On the first day of school make sure you have 4 core  subjects on your schedule.  come see me immediately if you do not.  If you are supposed to be in PreAP classes I need to see you.  if you are supposed to be in foreign language, I need to see you.

We will try to make the first week of school as smooth as possible for each and every one of you.

I will be here to help you. 

Our tour of the buniger Academy is Thursday, Spet 15th.  Eighth graders will travel by bus to the academy in the morning and will return in time for lunch.  The students have a wonderful time and learn about classes they can take when they start at Bell H. S.

After the tour, I will begin my Graduation Plan Meetings.  I hold those in alpha order.  It can take as long as three months to complete these.  Please be patient.

Our Open house is September the 15th.  I hope to see all parents at BJH.

The PSAT will be given on October the 19th.  We will announce more details for this in the near future..

Thank you!


There is FREE tutoring at BHS for students from 6:30-8:30.  It is held on Monday and Thursday in the library. Students are to bring books. The hotline is 817-282-2551, ext. 7409.

Character is higher than intellect.--Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Please call if you have questions. My phone number is 817-788-3101 ext. 3093.

 ****Please look under IN THE LOOP additional information and some fun!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

 Thank you,

Sandy Rierson

 817-788-3101 ext.3093