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Welcome to Trinity High School! Our website contains useful information for students, parents and community members. If you need assistance with our website or are just seeking special information, please feel free to contact me by email or at 817.399.3631.

Important Dates to Remember  


 Returning students must bring proof of residence to register.


August 8 Seniors


8:30 a.m. T-Z   12:00 noon H-K


9:30 a.m. A-C   1:00 p.m. L-N


10:30 a.m. D-G   2:00 p.m. O-S



August 9 Juniors  


*Same schedule as Seniors – See times above.

August 10 Sophomores


8:00 a.m. T-Z   10:15 a.m. H-K


8:45 a.m. A-C   11:00 a.m. L-N


9:30 a.m. D-G   11:45 a.m. O-S

August 18th Late registration for Returning Students 8:00am until 12:00 noon.

August 18th New Trojan Night at 6:30 pm




Parents can view their students daily grades online. See Mrs. Gagle, the Switchboard Operator, at Trinity High School to sign a password authorization form.

Reunions for Trinity High School are arranged by companies specializing in such events. If you have a question regarding reunions please contact these organizations directly.
Party People 1 800-725-5557
Great Reunions 1 800-655-7971