Power, Energy & Transportation Auto Technology A & B and Auto Tech II


Automotive Technology Program



 The Auto Tech program is an H.E.B I.S.D. two to three year program designed to prepare students with skills to enter the automotive field. The Auto Tech Program provides instruction and hands on training in four (4) areas identified by ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence). The  four (4) programs are as follows: Brakes, Steering and Suspension, Engine Performance and Electrical/Electronics.


 All training is geared to follow the NATEF (National Automotive Technician Foundation) standards. NATEF is an organization that sets the standards for all Automotive training nationwide.  Students will have gained experience and knowledge to take and pass ASE level tests.


Qualifications for ASE Certification:  2 years of instruction/1 year of work, passing score in any or all of the four (4) ASE programs.



All Auto Tech students will earn SP2 Certification before they can work in the lab.



First and/or Second Trimester


1st Trimester – Safety, tools Etc.

2nd Trimester- brakes

3rd Trimester – Steering Suspension


Third Year


1st & 2nd Trimester – Safety, tool review, Electrical/ Electronic Etc. 

3rd Trimester Engine Performance


Grading Policy


Tests/Employability Skills (Resume Writing, Interviewing Techniques, Attendance and Appearance) 40%

Workshop Etiquette/General Communication/Hands-On Exercises 60%




Students are required Auto Tech B to purchase Dickie’s Work Shirts (black only) to wear while working in the shop.  The official HEB Auto Tech patch will be supplied at no cost to the students who make it to Auto Tech II.




Mr. Gary Foote   Phone 817-283-4461 ext. 5050

Email: garyfoote@hebisd.edu


Energy, Power & Transportation: Introduction into the career of Automotive Technology. Learn about Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) test, basic hand tools, power tools and equipment, shop operations, write a repair order safety vehicle maintenence and cutomer relations in the first trimester.

Auto Tech A: Introduction to the automotive Brake System. Students will learn all aspects of the braking system to include: Brake Pedal, Power Booster, Master Cylinder, Brake Lines, Wheel Cylinders and Calipers, Rotors, Drums Bearings Etc. Students will also be engaged in repairing. replacing and rebuilding brake systems. 1 hour class 12 weeks Long.

Auto Tech B: Introduction to the automotive Suspension System. Students will learn all aspects of the Suspension system to include: Different types of Suspensions, Tires and vehicle alignment. 1 hour class 12 weeks long.

Auto Tech II: Introduction to automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems and Engine Repair/Performance. Students will learn all aspects of the engine Repair/Engine Performance and Electrical/Electronic Systems to include: All the internal engine components and how they work and how electronic components work in conjunction with each other to run the engine. Detailed study of electricity and the components electricity drives.

 Mission Statement The mission of automotive technology cluster is to empower students with necessary relevant skills and resources necessary for career readiness in the transportation industry and enable students to repair, maintain and diagnose vehicle systems in a changing technological world.