Director: Joshua Minor 817.399.2400

Mission Statement

It is the goal of the Maintenance and Operations Department to provide a safe, clean, functional and comfortable environment.

The Hurst-Euless-Bedford school district covers 44.7 square miles and provides educational support for approximately 19,400 students and 2,391 district staff members. Attempting to provide the greatest possible support for students, staff and patrons in the district, the department:

  • staffs 211 full time employees to address the needs of 33 permanent facilities and 34 portable buildings which cover 3,007,787 square feet under roof and lies on 551 acres of district owned property;
  • performs a multitude of activities to include internal and external painting, carpentry, preventive maintenance/work order management, grounds and athletic field care and management, heating, ventilation and air conditioning services, energy usage and evaluation and regular custodial care of facilities;
  • adheres to an accountability system that sets high expectations and holds each staff member to a designated level of performance excellence;
  • maintains collaborative partnerships with campus and department personnel to maximize service potential;
  • accomplishes all activities within budget limitations, with standards and procedures conducive to good management practices that provide the greatest return for invested public monies; and strive to preserve the natural beauty of the facilities while providing a clean, pleasant environment for students, staff, visitor and members of the community.

"Decisions and actions, at all levels, focus on and support effective student learning."