Advice from the Sixth Graders of 2016-2017


1. Do your homework!

2. Turn in your homework on time!

3. Be organized!

4. Be prepared…have what you need…you cannot go back to your locker

5. Be focused…pay attention

6. Be positive

7. Work hard

8. Listen to the teachers

9. Do your Reading Counts early

10. Be ready to do homework almost daily

11. Get your absent work the day you return

12. Turn in absent work ASAP…teachers will not come asking for it…you’ll get a zero if you don’t

13. Help someone

14. Be kind to others

15. Respect other students

16. Listen to the teacher

17. Try not to be absent

18. Keep track of your work

19. Respect your teachers and do what they say

20. Take your journals to class

21. Write neatly and color neatly

22. Take notes

23. Glue all of your papers in your journals

24. Be respectful and helpful toward your teachers…they will trust you more and you will have more privileges

25. Play at recess…it’s your last year to have it

26. Always do the extra credit if it is offered

27. Get your MOOSE signed if you have a late work or behavior mark from the teacher

28. Redo daily assignments that receive a grade below 70

29. Store your homework in a designated safe place

30. Keep up with your supplies

31. Try to have fun, but don’t get yourself or others in trouble

32. Stay out of trouble

33. Study for tests

34. Raise your hand and wait to be called on

35. Pick friends that will build you up

36. Talk only when you are supposed to

37. Be on time for class

38. Check the teacher’s websites

39. Ask questions

40. Have a restroom pass

41. Use the restroom between classes

42. Be mature

43. Get on the good side of the teachers

44. Write your name on all of your papers

45. Do your best

46. Be friendly toward everyone, including the less popular people

47. Be yourself

48. Ask questions if you don’t understand something

49. Bring extra pencils

50. Believe in yourself

51. Join clubs…choir…art…STEAM…running…etc.

52. Greet your teachers

53. Say please and thank you

54. Choose your friends wisely

55. Keep up with your grades online

56. Always have a novel with you

57. Listen to instructions

58. Have a good attitude

59. Act like a nerd

60. Stay on topic

61. Write your homework in your MOOSE

62. Have a good heart

63. Always remember due dates


1. Hurt someone’s feelings

2. Argue with the teacher…they always win…“I wish someone had told me that.”

3. Do something you know you are not supposed to do

4. Be bad to try to look cool

5. Make noises

6. Goof off

7. Hang out with people you can’t trust

8. Talk when the teacher is talking

9. Forget your supplies…MOOSE…homework

10. Draw on or mess with something that does not belong to you

11. Be disrespectful to anyone

12. Be lazy

13. Bring distracting things to school

14. Waste your restroom passes

15. Chew gum or eat candy in Mrs. Toepfer’s room…she always catches you

16. Horseplay anywhere in the building

17. Make excuses for why you don’t have your homework

18. Procrastinate

19. Cheat…give your answers to others or take answers from others…either will get you a zero

20. Try to be the class clown

21. Eat in class

22. Ask why when your teacher tells you to do something

23. Speak inappropriate words to anyone

24. Get dress-coded

25. Bring your phone to class

26. Be unsocial

27. Start drama

28. Be a troublemaker

29. Throw stuff

30. Punch anyone

31. Have late work

32. Have a bad attitude

33. Be mean to other students

34. Yawn loudly because it is disrespectful

35. Zone out

36. Ask unrelated questions

37. Not turn an assignment in because it is late…a low grade is always better than a zero

38. Do dumb things

39. Stay in the restroom to avoid work…you’ll still have to do it after others have finished

40. Do your assignments at the last minute

41. Get up without permission

42. Pick on other kids

43. Sleep in class

44. Yell in class

45. Be mean

46. Slack off…Sit and do nothing

47. Forget to get your absent work as soon as you return…the teachers will not bring it to you

48. Throw away papers that should be glued in your journals

49. Skip breakfast

50. Try to be popular at the expense of your grades

51. Complain

52. Get pushed into drama

53. Do things just to be popular

54. Forget to make new friends

55. Forget things in your locker

56. Be absent unless you have to…making up your work is hard

57. Call the teacher Mrs. Teacher…they don’t like that very much

58. Have your binder so messy that you lose homework

59. Give up

60. Make smart remarks out loud

61. Hit someone

62. Touch someone’s property

63. Wait until the morning to do your homework

64. Rely on mental notes…write it down

65. Leave class without permission

66. Bring a toy to school

67. Stand on your chair

68. Horseplay in the restroom

69. Play with your food

70. Lie to your teacher

71. Make the teacher mad

72. Say you can’t do something because even if it is hard, you need to try

73. Disrupt the class

74. Hang out with the wrong crowd

75. Never start something about someone because you don’t know what they have been through

76. Be disrespectful to the teacher…that’s a one-way ticket to the office

I was surprised to discover that… 

1. There would be so many field trips

2. Doing your homework and turning it in on time is very, very important

3. You actually have to do your best…it is not like the other grades…you have to actually try

4. Even the strictest teachers can have a fun side at events

5. You have to have your own pencil sharpener

6. You have to spell perfectly

7. It is easy to fit in if you’re kind of socially awkward

8. There is always that one person who is going to understand you

9. Sixth grade is really hard

10. How different it is from 5th grade

11. School is not bad, but I was definitely not prepared for this

12. Teachers at Hurst Hills are nice

13. You have a little more freedom

14. There are a lot of fun projects

15. It is easy to make friends

16. Teachers are always very kind

17. 6th grade is really fun if you can easily respect others

18. If you pay attention in Mrs. Toepfer’s class, you can earn a 100

19. It is no as hard as I thought it would be

20. Reading Counts affects your grade big time

21. Every second is counted, so be organized and quick

22. If we didn’t turn work in, it was a zero, and sometimes they don’t remind you

23. It was a fun year

24. Doing bad actions can go to bad things

25. The teachers expect a lot of responsibility from you…you are responsible from your own grades

26. My journals got so big, I need a rubber band to keep it closed

27. 6th grade is very hard

28. The teachers are silly and goofy

29. All the field trips are fun

30. I got my MOOSE signed a lot

31. You don’t get much recess

32. A lot of people change into bad kids in those three months, so don’t get sad if you lose them

33. 6th graders still act like 3rd graders

34. You have to go very fast when you take notes

35. You will feel more responsible in 6th grade

36. The year goes by so fast because you have lots of fun, yet you still learn

37. How much homework we get each day

38. How strict some of the teachers are

39. 6th grade is entertaining

40. Whenever you’re taking a district quiz, you don’t need to ask to use the restroom for Mrs. Toepfer

41. 6th grade teachers have zero tolerance

42. It is easy to finish homework at school

43. We get kindergarten reading buddies

44. We still have celebrations

45. If you fail (don’t fail), you and your legal guardian have to meet with your teacher about your grades and why you failed

46. The teachers are not as mean as they seem, and I think I am actually going to miss them

47. The teachers are very helpful when you don’t get something

48. Instead of using your MOOSE for what you did in that subject, you only use it to document what homework you have

49. You can’t go to the restroom in the middle of the class without a pass…you only get 2 each six weeks

50. We have detention

51. I was able to put my picture in the end-of-the-year slideshow

52. There are only 2 STAAR tests…reading and math

53. There are a lot of after-school fun things to do

54. There are a lot of friendly and cool people

55. If you do what you are supposed to do, you will be rewarded

56. We have a lot of things to present to the class…you will be nervous, but you will feel amazing afterward

57. Sometimes you can earn extra recess

58. You can go to the library by yourself


1. You will have more responsibility than ever before

2. You are more independent

3. Don’t procrastinate

4. Keep your binder organized

5. Always ask questions when you need it

6. Have fun…6th grade is a big deal

7. You can use those tickets every so often

8. Always do your homework even if it is due a while from the day you get it, you should still do it right away

9. Turn in everything on time

10. Grades are more important in 6th grade

11. Make sure to stick with your friends because you will need them

12. Be yourself

13. Always know when tests are coming up

14. Don’t stress…6th grade is easy if you pay attention and don’t forget to do your work

15. Find friends that will encourage you to do the right thing…that alone will take you far

16. Always be kind

17. Enjoy your year before you leave this school

18. 6th grade goes by fast

19. Be organized and prepared

20. Mrs. Toepfer will roast anyone who stands in her way

21. Respect everybody

22. How much you study is what you get in your grades

23. Whatever you are doing, you must always do your best

24. School is first…friends, drama, & hobbies should go next

25. Follow the rules

26. Always listen to your teacher

27. Check the teachers’ websites

28. Always do your Reading Counts…I was way too lazy to do it, but it wasn’t worth it

29. Listen to all your teachers because they know what’s best

30. Eat a big breakfast, or you will be very hungry because lunch is at 12:30

31. Do all of your redo’s and extra credit to bring up your grades

32. Always be respectful
33. Do good things

34. If you don’t do your work in class, it will be homework

35. There are lots of teachers you can speak to if you’re in a bad situation…go to your teachers with your problems

36. Respect yourself

37. You are beautiful and smart

38. Always have a back-up pencil

39. Put effort into your work

40. If you ever forget your homework, all you have to do is go to that teacher and explain…they should be able to get you a new one

41. Be the kind of person the new 5th graders want to look up to

42. The more you do, the more you succeed

43. Never give up on anything you want

44. You’re only in the 6th grade once…make it count

45. Paying attention is the key to passing 6th grade

46. Cherish these elementary moments together

47. Always do what is right even when the teacher is not around to look after you

48. Forget about all the drama because school is more important

49. Keep your locker clean

50. The impossible is always possible

51. You are at school to learn

52. Have a good attitude




Advice to NEW 6th Graders for Mrs. Turney is currently under construction. Please come back later.