Welcome to Grade 3 STEPS!
Tuesday, September 12th, 2017
We begin our year with eager hearts for learning. We have already taken our first SRI test of the year in order to discover our current Lexile levels. These results should be written on the front page of your child's MOOSE. We have also begin tracking our independent reading progress through the Reading Counts program. The class goal is 5 Bluebonnet book test passed before the Thanksgiving break. Most students have already taken Ada's Violin. Several Bluebonnet book nominees would make excellent family read-alouds.

Please be aware that our school library has only 1 copy of each Bluebonnet book. Anything you can do to support trips to the public library would increase access to these highly desired books. Voting (across the state) occurs in January. It is only open to 3rd - 6th grade students in Texas, who have read at least 5 books form the current (2017-2018) list..The more books that hove been finished from the annual list of 20, the more informed the voting will be.

Vocabulary lessons: Our weekly lessons focus on either Latin Prefixes or current class novels. Tests are on Friday, homework comes home most nights. You can support your son or daughter's vocabulary learning with friendly, competitive games on quizlet.com
Join our class at https://quizlet.com/join/E5dfYCxGV

Stay Informed!
Join Remind101 by texting the message @g3lawson to 81010 This will give you an additional route for communication (aside form school email) and text message updates of class tests, projects, and events.

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