The International Thespian Society

This is an Honorary Theatre Society that grants membership based on points earned supporting the local school that is a member of this organization.  Students are inducted into this prestigous society by earning 10 or more points.

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Check out Theatre and the Arts and how taking Theatre can help your student do more than just Act!

2016-2017 Thespian Officers

President-K'Lee Stewart

Vice President-Bree Trinh

Secretary-Elena Sifuentes

Treasurer-Arianna Cox

Parliamentarian-Alyssa Taylor

Historian-Fatema Dawoodbhoy

Vice President of Activities-Dayona Hopwood

Vice President of Communications-Megan Elizabeth

Historian-K'Lee Stewart

Webmaster-Michael Holt


Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat (TOTS-Eat) is the International Thespian Society’s annual nationwide community service initiative. Over 291 Thespian troupes collected more than 354,000 pounds of food during the 2013 TOTS-Eat food drive. Imagine feeding every one of last year’s 2,500 International Thespian Festival participants breakfast, lunch, and dinner for nearly a month! Last year’s generous donations were delivered to local organizations, which distributed them where they were needed the most. Trintiy High School will donate all canned foods we collect to 

Check out this wonderful organization and see more ways of how you can help our community.

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August 25-Tuesday-Officer Mtg-8AM-N110

September 1-Tuesday-Officer Mtg.-8AM-N110

September 8-Tuesday-General Meeting-8AM-N110-Wear Theatre Shirts!

September 21-Officer Mtg-8AM-N110-Discuss Homecoming

September 22-Tuesday-General Meeting-8AM-N110-Discuss Homecoming!



October 5-Monday-Officer Mtg-8AM-N110

October 6-Tuesday-General Meeting-8AM-N110-Wear Theatre Shirts!

November 2-Monday-Officer Mtg-8AM-N110

November 10-Tuesday-General Meeting-8AM-N110-Money is due for Thespian Convention-Wear Theatre Shirts!

December 1-Officer Mtg-8AM-N110

December 2-General Meeting-8AM-N110-Discuss Thespian Convention

December 3, 4, 5-Texas Thespian Convention in Dallas

December 17-Theatre Holiday Party-6:30pm-Blackbox Theatre-Secret Pal Gift Exchange and Pot Luck Dinner

January 4-Monday-Officer Mtg-8AM-N110

January 12-Tuesday-General Meeting-8AM-N110

February 1-Monday-Officer Mtg.-8AM-N110

February 9-General Meeting-8AM-N110

March 1-Monday-Officer Mtg-8AM-N110

March 8-Tuesday-General Meeting-8AM-N110

April 4-Monday-Officer Mtg-8AM-N110

April 12-Tuesday-General Meeting-8AM-N110

April 17-April 22-BEANIE WEEK-New Thespian Induction Week

April 26-Tuesday-Thespian Induction, Senior Cords and Awards Ceremony-6:30pm, Blackbox Theatre

May 2-Monday-Officer Mtg-8AM-N110-Theatre Banquet Discussion

May 10-Tuesday-General Meeting-8AM-N110

May 14-Saturday-Theatre Banquet-7pm-9pm, Trinity Cafeteria



  • We will be at the convention, 11/30 Wednesday evening, Thur-Sat-12/1-12/3,
  • We depart from the TRE-Centreport at 5:15pm, Wednesday, 11/30/16
  • Pack light.  Take one suitcase. You will need 3 changes of clothes. COMFORTABLE SHOES. Snacks. Notebook. PHONE CHARGER!
  • Inform your teachers that you will not be in class on Thursday and Friday. 12/1 & 12/2.
  • We will return on Saturday, 12/3 at the TRE Centreport Station.  Time to be announced.
  • You are expected to come to school on Monday, 12/5!



International Thespian Society for Ms. Fries is currently under construction. Please come back later.