My Tracker club comes from my love and respect of the outdoors. Since I was a child growing up in Bedford I have ventured into the "wilderness" that surrounded my home. Now littered with grocery stores, homes, and gas stations. I would spend hours running through the woods around my home exploring the trails, creeks, nooks, and crannies that ran through the area. Finding animal tracks and hiding from others that came into the area became a game that I later shared with others. There wasn't a section of those woods that didn't find my foot prints.

Later in life I discovered the teachings of Tom Brown Jr. and his Tracker School. Over the years I've attended several of his courses as well as others taught by various other teachers. I've also taught a few of these myself as the best way to learn is to teach.

These skills are a way of connecting with that which I love. They bring me closer to the earth and all of the things that live there. Including the human animals. I have had several teachers over the years, some technical, some spiritual, and some unexpected. All of them help me to answer the "sacred question" of "What is this and what can it teach me?"

My dream is to help my students find new ways to learn and experience the world around them. This is a journey that never truly ends as learning is a life long adventure. I hope you join me.


My goal with these students is to teach through an alternative means. Wilderness skills teach not just students but all people:

 ·   Self respect- through an understanding that they have certain abilities and can

  apply them.

· Self confidence- much in the same way learning a martial-art can aid someone in

 control of their mind and body, these skills give students confidence that they can

 achieve by using both.

· An understanding that there are other avenues in life. This is especially needed for

 young people who are barraged with temptations and examples of less admirable

 ways to spend their time.

· Respect and reference for the natural world around us.


-Sometimes the only way to change a young person’s perspective is by providing an entirely new one.



When you enter my room, you will see a poster on the far wall. It's the Warrior Creed.

Where ever I walk, everyone is safer.
Where ever I am, anyone in need has a friend.
When ever I arrive home, everyone is happy to see me.

This comes from Robert L. Humphrey and his book "Values For a New Millinium".

I believe this creed hits to the core of what it means to be a human.

It's what I live by and what I have taught my son to live by.

If you have any questions please ask.



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