Language Arts
Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
Language Arts

Identifies/isolates final sounds
Activity: Have the child listen as you say a word. Then ask student to repeat the word. Next, have the student say the word without the ending sound. For example, say “sleep” without the “p” (slee). Remember to say the sound, not the letter name.

Decodes CVC words
Activity: Practice reading decodable words. A decodable word is one that can be “sounded out” For example: dog, can, pop, hat, let, hill, bug, sip, etc.

Retells order of events
Activity: After reading a story ask your child some specific questions. For example: “What happened first in the story?” “What happened next?” “What happened at the end of the story?”

This six weeks the high frequency words are:

Upper and lower case letter identification, letter sound/word association and sight word recognition will be retested each six weeks until all are master

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