Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

 Recognizes and orders numbers to 15
Activity: Using a set of flash cards have child randomly identify numerals 1-15 without hesitation. Mix numerals up and have child place them in the correct order.

 Identifies, extends, predicts and creates AB, ABC, AAB and ABB patterns
Activity: Child will be able to recognize patterns in objects, sounds, language, etc. Explore activities with concrete objects, sound, or movement so your child can tell you what comes next.

Clap, snap, clap, snap, __?__

 Estimates and measures length with non-standard units
Activity: Let your child choose a non-standard unit of measure (paperclips, piece of string, a pencil) and measure things around the house (a book, a table, the couch). You might want to help your child record his or her findings on paper.

 Combines and separates objects to 8 using manipulatives
Activity: Tell math stories to your child and let him illustrate the story using objects from around the house (buttons, pennies, grapes, etc.)
• You have 2 dogs (the child puts 2 buttons on the table.)Your mom gave you a cat. (The child adds 1 button to the table.)How many pets do you have?
• There were 4 cars at the store (The child puts 4 buttons on the table.)3 cars drove away. (move 3 buttons to the side) How many cars are still at the store? (The child counts what is left.)

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