Language Arts Skills
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
Language Arts

 Orally blends phonemes to make spoken words
Activity: Say the sounds of a word slowly such as /b/ /a/ /t/. The child will listen to the sounds and blend them together orally to say the word “bat.”

 Produces beginning, middle, ending sound of spoken word
Activity: Say simple words such as “pan” to your child. He/she will be able to orally produce the beginning, middle and ending sounds of the word. Example: /p/ /a/ /n/

 Recognizes sensory details from text
Activity: As we read, we see the action of the story in our mind. These mental images help us understand what we read. As you read stories at home, ask your student what images (pictures) they are seeing in their mind. Encourage your student to draw a picture and then tell you about it.

 Produces rhyming words
Activity: Provide the first part of a rhyme and have your child complete it, for example:
-A cat wearing a _____________?(hat)
-A mouse that lives in a________? (house)
Or ask your child to tell you words that rhyme with black, Jack, sack, tack….

This six weeks high frequency words

Upper and lower case letter identification, letter sound/word association and sight word recognition will be retested each six weeks until all are mastered.

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