Our new beginning band has started the year strong!  What a great group of students!  Be sure to refer to the document manager for handouts.

Band supplies for 7th grade include:
1.White Binder (provided with band fee)
2. Plastic sleeves
3. Pencils
4. Band Book (provided with band fee)
4. Instrument - everyday! 
5. Necessary materials for that instrument(reeds, mouthpiece, etc.)



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3/02/05 > Common Questions

What are practice records?

Your student should be keeping track of his/her practice time each day on a practice record.  Practice records may be picked up in the band hall, downloaded, or written on a piece of paper.  Please encourage your child to practice 30 minutes every day.  Students practicing every day will build up better habits (and endurance) than a child practicing every other day - even if the times average out the same.  

Why is my child counting and saying notes outloud?

That is part of practice!  Students are learning rhythm and note recognition. 

What is a chair test?

Almost every week, your child will be having a "chair test."  This is a test grade over a prepared line of music or a fundamental specific for his or her instrument. Students work very hard to earn a spot as "first chair,"  meaning they were the most outstanding performer on that specific assignment.

What are the beginning band class materials?

Students should have a WHITE binder, pencil, band book, and instrument every day.

3/02/05 > How Can Parents Help Students to Grow Musically?
-Show an interest in the music study of your child.
-Arrange a regular time and place for your child to practice without distraction or interruption.
-Never make fun of the "strange" sounds your beginner instrumentalist may make.  It's important to remember that all
musicians begin with "sour" notes and missed rhythms.
-Teach your child the responsibility of being present and on time to rehearsals.
-Give your child a safe place to keep their instrument.
-Help your child to maintain their instrument in good repair.
-Encourage your child to play in front of others when the opportunity arises at home, school, church, or in the community.
-Keep a record of your child's various music activities.
-See that your child takes their instrument and music to school every day.
-Demonstrate your support of your child's musical efforts by attending concerts.