WRITE FOR THE FUN OF IT!! Writing is a task that can sometimes be hard for students. Practice can help tremendously. Give your child a prompt and ask them to write several lines (at least 8 sentences) addressing the topic. Have them edit their paragraph for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Let them read their paragraph orally to share the fruits of their labor! Don't forget to praise them for their hard work.
SPELLING IS HARD TO DO!! Most of my students would tell you that spelling is tough. Some might say it is impossible!!!! It is tough to memorize words, but it is something that can be accomplished with practice and repetition. Spelling lists go home on Monday and students need to begin studying immediately. The lists are also available on-line in the documents section of my website. Have them spell the words orally to you. Try spelling the words while tossing a ball. Why not get out the shaving cream and let them write the words in the foam. "Air write" the words by using your finger and pretending to write the words very large in the air. Try a variety of things to help your child remember. By incorporating other parts of the body, it will help the brain retain the information. On Thursday night, give them a "mock" test to allow them to practice the actual test situation. With lots of hard work, they can learn to become successful spellers.
READING MINUTES AND READING COUNTS!! Please remember that your child is required to read each night. Once they are finished reading, please write how many minutes they read on their Reading Log. Each student will receive a new Reading Log on Monday and I will take it up the following Monday.  This is for a grade because home reading is very important for improving fluency and reading ability. They need to read at least 100 minutes a week. Also, Reading Counts is a fabulous program that we offer at North Euless. Your child will read a Reading Counts book (which is a book with a green sticker) and then will take a quiz on the book to test their comprehension. They are required to have a certain number of points by the end of the six weeks. This is also a grade. We will be tracking our progress on reading minutes and Reading Counts points in my classroom.



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