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On this page you will find the various sports offered at Hurst Jr. High. Each link below will take you to the appropriate sport information page where you can find detailed information regarding that sport. The Hurst Athletic Coordinators are Paul Calvert for the boys and Quincy MacDonald for the girls.  


7th "A" Boys Tournament bracket


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9th Grade Off-Season Schedule

Ninth graders will travel to Bell beginning on Wednesday, Nov 30 for Offseason workouts. They will be transported to Bell every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until further notice. Students will need to secure their own ride home after workouts (3:45). They will continue to workout at Hurst on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (There will be no workout on Friday, December 16).

Directions to 7th and 8th Red Raider opponents



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36277/36277_19667871_4140.jpgBOYS BASKETBALL
36277/36277_19667871_4140.jpgGIRLS BASKETBALL
36277/36277_19667871_4140.jpgCROSS COUNTRY
36277/36277_19667871_4140.jpgRAIDER FOOTBALL