Classroom Assignments Fall Drawing The drawing classes periods 1 and 5 are working on linear techniques to create value and texture. This is a basis for all future drawings. It helps the student with observational skills, spatial relationships, hand-eye coordination, drawing skill and personal expression. Each assignment builds on the previous one culminating at the end of the trimester with three final drawings. Each student is encouraged to work at his own speed and acquire skills. Quality is stressed over quantity as long as student is working steadily. Fall AP/IB These are advanced level classes working together in the same classroom. The AP students are involved in one of three portfolios - Three Dimensional, Two Dimensional Design or Drawing. Within these areas there are students working with glass, plaster, mixed media, oil paint, charcoal, relief sculpture, air brush, photography and other media. Each of the IB students is each working on his/her own. Within the classes this year are a portrait artist, glass/mosaic artist, painter, textile artist, mixed media sculptor and two ceramic artists. Assignments are based on personal goals and needs. Both AP and IB students are encouraged to produce personal bodies of work reflecting their own strengths and intellectual input. Winter Drawing The drawing students have completed their linear technique assignments and are currently working on a white charcoal on black paper assignment. The subject matter are draped display dummies. This assignment is expanding on their use of media and their observational skills. They will use pastel and white charcoal pencils to complete this assignment. They may use a shading stump on the white charcoal and if desired work into the highlights with linear marks. In this assignment they will observe the highlights, tints and shades. The black of the paper is the shadows. This is in opposition to what they have previously done - which is observe shadows and draw them. They have used a dark mark all their life until now. This is a difficult concept but will increase their skills of observation. Projects are always successful. Winter Painting The painters begin with color theory. They complete color wheels and intensity scales using watercolor first. They follow this with watercolor techniques. This will give the student knowledge of the possibilities of the watercolor media. After these preliminaries the student will execute a watercolor of a still life. Winter Sculpture The sculptors will start off their journey into the three dimensional world of art with a linear construction of wire. This small sculpture will be of a figure in action.