Science: 7th Grade

Scope and Sequence 2017-2018

(On-Level & Pre-AP)

The district curriculum map is the same for On-level & Pre-AP; however, pre-AP will be more advanced in the following ways: more in depth/ extension with content, class assessements (tests/ quizzes) will be more challenging, labs will be more extensive, more projects, and pre-AP MUST participate in science fair (for a grade).

First Six Weeks

1.1 Class Procedures and Safety 7.1AB

1.2 Interactions between Matter and Energy 7.5A, 7.5B

1.3 Ecological Succession 7.10C


Second Six Weeks

2.1 Catastrophic Events 7.8A

2.2 Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition 7.6, 7.8B

2.3 Watershed 7.8C

CBA 1 Two day exam. Day One assesses content from first six weeks. Day two assesses content from second six weeks.


Third Six Weeks

3.1 Biomes and Biodiversity 7.10A, 7.10B

3.2 Dichotomous Keys, Adaptations, and Variations 7.11A, 7.11B, 7.11C, 7.12A  

CSE 1- (last 2 days of semester)- assesses 1st semester content

Fourth Six Weeks

4.1 Responses to Stimuli and Forces 7.13A, 7.13B, 7.7B

4.2 Characteristics for Life 7.9A, 7.9B 

4.3 Cells 7.12F, 7.12C, 7.12D, 7.12E


Fifth Six Weeks 

5.1 Genetics 7.14A, 7.14B, 7.14C


Sixth Six Week

6.1 Body Systems 7.12B, 7.7B (7.6 in digestion)

Dissections (after all STAAR tests)- Bring gloves if you want to use them!

On-level- Earthworm

Pre-AP- Earthworm & Crayfish

CSE 2- (last 2 days of school)- assesses 2nd semester content