Student Supply list:

- A 100 page composition notebook- wide ruled OR college ruled (for science only)

- Braded folder (Data folder)

Writing utensils (Pens/ pencils)

- Colored pen(s)/ highlighter(s)

Loose notebook paper (wide ruled OR college ruled)

 **Latex gloves for dissection at the end of the year** (Optional, if you want to wear gloves)


For the Classroom- Each class will be assigned 1 of the following, and these will be shared by all classes. 

1st Period: Paper towels & Markers

2nd Period: Paper towels & glue sticks

3rd Period: Post- it notes (2" X 2")- can find at Dollar Tree (buy 2 packs)

4th Period: Paper towels & map pencils

 6th Period: Kleenex & glue (regular)

7th Period: Kleenex & map pencils