This page will serve as the official HEB ISD page for all information regarding Proclamation 2017. 

Instructional Materials Adoption Overview

Texas is one of 22 states with a process for approval or adoption of instructional materials. The Texas Constitution, Article VII, Section 3, requires that the State Board of Education (SBOE) set aside sufficient money to provide free instructional materials for children attending the public schools in the state. Funds to be expended on instructional materials are appropriated by the Texas Legislature on a bi-yearly basis. More information is available online at the following Texas Education Agency site:  Proclamation 2017.  

HEB ISD Instructional Materials Adoption Process

To ensure that HEB ISD's adoption process is conducted in a fair and non-discriminatory manner, the district has established guidelines that must be strictly adhered to. Information pertaining to our district processes can be found in the HEBISD Instructional Materials Adoption Manual and any additional questions regarding the process should be directed to the Director of Curriculum & Instruction for the district.

HEB ISD Instructional Materials Evaluation Samples & Online Access Information

All evaluation samples can be viewed online using the links below.  Should you want to view a physical sample of Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses, those materials are available at the Buinger CTE Academy during normal business hours.  Please contact the school at 817-354-3541 for specific times. 



All interested parties (students, teachers, parents, staff, administrators, community members) within the HEB ISD school district boundaries are invited to submit review of any/all instructional materials. This may be done by completing the online form link found on each review page listed above.  All fields are required before submission is accepted.  DEADLINE TO SUBMIT ALL REVIEWS IS FEBRUARY 27, 2017.