HEB Sports Hall of Fame Inductee 2013


Ray Wright

Hurst Hills Elementary 1980-1985. Participated in Mid-Cities Sports Central Junior High 1986-1988: Football and Track; District Champions Football 1988. L.D. Bell High School: 1988-1990: Football; First Team All District, All Area. Played Football at Duke University 1990-1995. Senior PGA Tour Intern 1996. Scouting Intern, Scouting Administrator, and Director of Player Programs for NFL Washington Redskins 1997-1999. Recruiting Coordinator of Special Teams Cornell University 1999-2000. Named Head Strength and Conditioning Coach NFL Washington Redskins 2010. Worked Eight Seasons With the NFL Houston Texans, Seveen Years as Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach and One Year as Head Coach, before coming back to the Redskins. Oversees All Aspects of The Redskins' Workout Programs. To Quote Head Coach of The Redskins, Mike Shanahan, "The position of strength and conditioning coach demands a combination of youth and experience and Ray delivers both of those."

Born December 30, 1971
Strength and Conditioning
"A Special Place in the NFL"