FUnkY MonkEYs!
2012- 2013
2nd grade?  No problem.... we are prepared, we are focused and we are taking responsibility for our learning.  Check us out!

 The Funky Monkey Days for the class of 2012- 2013  come to an end... However, for these little monkeys, it really was just the beginning of great things to come........
Once a FunKy MoNKey, always a FunKy MoNkEY! 




 End of the Year Awards Ceremony  


Our guest reader visits for the last time this school year.  She was awesome and we loved having her visit- Thank you! 


CHAMP of the Week- May 20th  


 FunKy MoNKey Snapshots in Time!
 Tornado Drill- Severe Weather Preparation!  



CHAMP of the Week- May 13th  


Research using the IPad is always a TWIST of fun!


 Read to Someone: Our Daily 5 Workstation for today!



CHAMP of the Week- April 29th  


Getting our Daily 5 in today with our guest reader, Mrs. Whit!


 FuNKey MoNKeY fun times!!!  
 Happy Mother's Day to all of the SUPERmoms! Love your FuNky MonKeYs! 
Mom's who love their piece of time, frozen in LOVE!!! Happy Mother's day.... the hardest most rewarding job.. being a mother!  
 Staying with our theme, we used our thumbs to create mom a gift she can keep close to her <3 all day long!  


Field Day Celebration.... Once a FuNKeY MonKEy.. always... a FuNKeY MonKEy!
Love these little MonKEyS! <3



 Three weeks of school left... still working hard!  Computer Lab after Field Day 2013!


 Field Day 2013, Monkey Style !!!!




 Tie Dying in preparation for FIELD DAY Monkey Style 2013!  


Biography research on our campus IPads... <3


 Stripe novel discussions....  


Immigration to the United States Posters.....
Small groups... Hard at Work....


 Volunteer Campus Guest Reader... So blessed!  

STAAR Support... ParAde day!
STAAR Support... CrAzy Shades Day!  

STAAR Support... CrAzy HAT day!


Reading Counts CHAMPions for 5th 6 Weeks!  Just keep reading, just keep reading!


911 Presentation...... Thank you to the Hurst PD for their wisdom and time!


CHAMP of the Week- April 15th  





 Spirit Night at Spring Creek Barbecue!!  


Exploring the world of measurement, right here in our classroom!


Library visits at HHE keep us on the edge of technology!



We had the amazing opportunity to visit the famous Dallas World Aquarium and see what we have been studying in its "natural" habitats. It was a fabulous day with fabulous experiences.  Thank you so much to the great chaperones, the CHAMPion behavior of the class, and HHE for the support of our trip!  Enjoy the photos!




Superior Schoolwide STAAR Support!


 Funky Monkey moments... <3


 Workin' the Work... Vocabulary Style !


 CHAMP of the Week- April 1st


STRIPE mini book discussions.....



Once a week, we get to visit the Library, where each book is an opportunity
to visit far away places, use our imaginations, or explore and learn new


CHAMPS in progress.......


 Vocabulary Work... Builds our reading skills and text



We are WORD WORKin' it!  Every Day!



 Storybook Character Dress Up Day........ 



CHAMP of the Week- March 11th


 Exploring words and their meanings..... Homophone BINGO  






 FRINDLE discussion groups, exploring ideas and making those
  text connections...




Class Picture Day..... FunKY MoNKeY StYLe


Vocabulary Study with circular Puzzles.....


Daily 5 in Progress!

CHAMP of the Week- March 4th