The Mission of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District is to continue its proud tradition of excellence as a diverse, high-performing organization committed to ensuring each student is empowered today to excel tomorrow.


Empowering Today to Excel Tomorrow

2014-2019 HEB ISD District Goals

Goal 1 Student Achievement

Goal 2 Effective and Efficient Operation for All Components

Goal 3 Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff

Goal 4 Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Schools

 Goal 5 Enduring Relationships with Stakeholders


HEB Core Messages:

1) Students are responsible for their own learning;
2) Quality teachers and effective schools are essential to students' learning;
3) Parents and patrons are vital partners in the educational process;
4) A safe environment for every student and employee is a prerequisite to learning;
5) Decisions and actions, at all levels, focus on and support effective student learning.