HEB Sports Hall of Fame Inductee 2012


Dale Robert Ogden

Attended Central Junior High School 1969.  

L.D. Bell High School 1970-1972: Won the Division 4-A Texas State Tennis Singles Title 1971.  The only tennis player from Bell High School to win a State Tennis Championship.  

University of Houston 1973-1975: Southwest Conference Tennis Doubles Champion three years with a different doubles partner each year, ranked #1 in Men’s Singles, two year All-American, Most Valuable Player 1973. 

Professional Career 1976-1982: won the National Indoor Professional Teachers Championship, ATP World Ranking #287, ranked #3 in Italy and #2 in Switzerland, won the Italian Team Championship.  

Coached juniors who have won more than 25 Swiss Championship Titles.


(Jim Ogden accepting for Dale Ogden)