What's Going on the week of Sept 5th-8th?


Reader's Workshop: This week, the students will continue to demonstrate ways to think while they read a book. This is called Metacognition. ( thinking about their thinking)  They will practice this skill with their partner and writing their thinking in their journals.

Below is links that explain what Metacognition is and a song that we will be singing in class.



Social Studies:  This week, the students will continue to work on identifying cardinal direction in the classroom.( north, south, east, and west)  We will be discussing why it is important that in our world that we know cardinal directions.  We will also be looking at the difference between a map and a globe.  There are new videos below:




 Writer's Workshop-  The students will know why it is not ok to give up when trying to write or draw during writers workshop.  They will also help create a chart of what writers workshop should sound like and look like.


Good first day chart to make with students about what writers workshop should look and sound like.   This chart to keep with consistency should be carried over to each subject.

Math- Students will learn procedures of Math Workshop.  The skills that will be taught this week are:  addition and subtraction word problems using different strategies to solve their problem.(numberline, ten frame, or picture) They will also be working on addition and subtraction math facts.