Communications Department Services

Mission: Turning Stakeholders into Advocates

Key Business Drivers: Accuracy, Timeliness, Stakeholders, Relationships, District Image

This document outlines products and services the Communications Department offers at the district, department, or campus levels. Any corresponding policies are listed with each service. Contact department staff at:

Judy E. Ramos, ext. 2026 
Carolyn Marcantel, ext. 2161
Lynda Bryan, ext. 2025 

Carol Scalzo, ext. 2039
Dave Nielsen, ext. 2186  


Adopt-A-School (AAS)
Create partnerships with businesses, faith-based organizations, civic groups, and others to support student achievement. Collect data to report to Board of Trustees and for CI website. Assist campuses with partner recruitment and AAS coordinator training. Policies GBB (Local) and GKDA (Local). Contact Carol.

Adopt-A-School Campus Needs Listing
Campuses can submit student or staff needs to publish on AAS website for potential donors to see. Contact Carol.

Ask TED Administration
Update online Texas Education Agency directory. TEA employees and school districts use Ask TED to find contact information and run reports. TEA uses Ask TED when running “Snapshot Date” reports once a year. Contact Judy

Branding and Marketing
Promotion and management of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD image, identity, and messages. Contact Judy or Carolyn

Campaigns and Projects
Organize annual employee giving campaign involving United Way, Education Foundation, and PTA. Work with State Fair of Texas to secure and distribute student and employee tickets. Contact Lynda.

Campus Partner Award Nominations
Campuses may nominate adopters or volunteers for state awards in the fall or local awards in the spring. Will assist with writing and editing state nominations. Contact Judy or Carol.

Cradle to Classroom
Website page and Facebook page designed to provide parents of children not yet in school with information on how to be their child’s first teacher and to educate parents about what HEB ISD has to offer in Pre-K and Kindergarten and other early grades. Contact Carol.

Crisis Communications
Strategic planning, news writing, letter writing, editing, proofreading, and media relations for all departments and campuses. Contact Judy.

Community Networking
Maintain positive presence in HEB community, provide accurate information to external stakeholders, and secure adopters. Membership in and attendance at events sponsored by: HEB Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of HEB, HEB Economic Development Foundation, HEB ISD Education Foundation. Contact Judy or Carol.

District & School Websites
Authoring of any design or content expansions or changes (including promotional pieces such as the Edge or CI website sections), navigation or structural changes/ additions and overall functionality of the district website. School website design changes (logos, headers/footers, home page layout). Branding and design for official social media websites including YouTube for campuses and departments. Contact Carolyn.

District Events
1) Organize annual HEB ISD convocation, working with departments and campuses to secure venue, audio/visual, speakers, student entertainment, transportation, traffic control, etc. 2) Organize HEB ISD Hall of Fame Banquet, working with HEB ISD Education Foundation to select winners, secure venue, student entertainment, and organize event. 3) Organize annual Adopt-A-School/Volunteers in Public Schools luncheon to recognize 200+ campus and district adopters for their partnerships and support of HEB schools; honor individual campus volunteers for improving student performance; and recognize schools for their campus-level programs, which represent 5,500+ volunteers whose service in 2010-2011 was the equivalent of $4.3 million given to our schools. Contact Judy or Carol.

Encore Pass
Free admission to HEB ISD athletic and fine arts events (except playoffs) for people 65 and older. Patrons who enroll can sign up for email updates on events. Contact Carol.

FERPA and Intellectual Property Training
Offered at all levels to comply with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), 20 U.S.C. § 1232g, Texas Education Code § 26.009, FL (Local), and CY (Local). Contact Judy.

Graphic Design (print, electronic, web, multi-media)
Design and layout of logos, advertisements, brochures, flyers, folders, banners, newsletters, public displays, or marketing products for pieces that represent the district and or schools where branding and identity is of significance. This also includes branded-design or customization for official social media websites including YouTube channels, photo sharing or other web-based applications/sites that have been purchased by the district (when product allows for customization in design or integration into the district site.) Call Carolyn

Inclement Weather/Emergency Alerts
Announce school closings, early dismissals, etc. using website, School Backpack, broadcast media, and social media upon request of the Superintendent or designee. Contact Judy, Carolyn, or Dave.

Leadership Symposium
Work with Executive Cabinet to organize annual summer seminars on Continuous Improvement for district and campus administrators. Contact Judy

Logo and Artwork Management
Online form for employees to request campus or HEB ISD logos and artwork. Policy CY (Local). Contact Carolyn

Media relations
Policy GBBA (Local) states that the Communications Department approves all visiting media and processes all media queries, news releases, and requests to comply with FERPA. Contact Judy for guidelines on submitting information for a news release.

Maintain Online Reputation
Claim HEB ISD-related entries on external websites, such as Wikipedia, to correct, brand, and augment information used by stakeholders. Efficiently monitor online mentions of the District to identify and resolve issues before escalation. Contact Dave.

Maintain Website Content
Work with staff at all levels to publish information online and make changes and corrections as needed. Gather, organize, post, and edit data while maintaining high standards of design and quality. Adjust documents created for print to create user-friendly website content. Contact Dave.

Monitor Web Presence
Observe real-time data to quickly resolve website downtime, and gather historic data for continuous improvement and planning. Contact Dave.

Writing releases for upcoming District or campus events; publishing news on District website, distribution of news releases to local media, to comply with GBBA (Local) and FERPA. Contact Judy.

Non-School Literature Requests
Complying with school board policy GKDA (local and legal) to process requests for flyer distribution on campus. Contact Lynda.

Will photograph District, campus, and department events, when possible, upon advanced request. Edit and publish photos on District website or to District’s SmugMug gallery for public sharing. Contact Dave, Carolyn or Judy.

Public Information Act (PIA) Requests
Complying with Texas Government Code, Chapter 552 and school policy GBA (Legal) to provide documents to requestors. Contact Lynda.

School Backpack E-Newsletter
Sent to 9,000+ subscribers to announce District news and events in order to promote the HEB ISD brand among stakeholders. Contact Dave or Judy.

Social Media
Manage District social media presences, including posting content to achieve brand goals and respond to stakeholders. Assist schools, departments, and other HEB ISD entities with the entire social media process, including planning, design, creation, posting content, responding to users, and monitoring. Contact Dave for Facebook and Twitter and contact Carolyn for YouTube. Department staff will make recommendations to Executive Cabinet for approval.

Video for the Web
Scripting, shooting, directing and editing of video for promotional or reporting- type pieces (at the discretion of the Communications Department) that will be published on the HEB ISD YouTube Channel and subsequently shared on the District website or Facebook page. Please note: This service does not include videotaping of speakers, meetings, banquets, live events or other similar “taping” nor does it include DVD distribution of finished pieces. Contact Carolyn

Volunteers In Public Schools (VIPS)
Recruit, maintain, and recognize campus volunteers who support and impact student achievement. Collect data to report to Board of Trustees and for CI website. Assist with volunteer recruitment and coordinator training to comply with Texas Education Code 22.0835, board policy GKG (Legal), and GKC (Local). Contact Carol.

Website training and support
Training for new employees on use of School Center and compliance with school board policy CQ (Local Regulation). Train campus Website Administrators. Teacher, school, administration, and department consultation offered. Contact Dave.

Proofreading and editing offered to all employees for letters, newsletters, special projects. Contact Judy