In June 2011, SchoolCenter upgraded our system to version 11.0. Very little has changed on the surface, so you may not even notice a difference. The major changes all affect adding pictures (or video) to boxes on a page:

Adding images

In the past, you could add an image to a box by hovering over the box and clicking on an icon that appeared at the top right of the box. However, this only let you add one picture per box.

Now, that icon has been moved to the black toolbar you see when you click to edit a box, and you can more easily add multiple pictures to one box.

(This applies to adding images to the standard boxes that are on every page, but it does NOT change the special image features of Album pages.)

Changing an image's settings

There is now an updated window for changing the settings of an image you've added to a box. Among other things, this will now let you have multiple thumbnail images within a single box, instead of being limited to one per box. Cool!

Adding media (audio or video)

There is also an icon on the edit toolbar for adding media files to boxes on a page, and an updated window for changing the settings for those media files: