We sang carols and took cards to

Elmcroft of Bedford Retirement Community.


Our first project this fall was Trick or Treat for UNICEF.

Our Club raised $324.46


Welcoming Soldiers home at DFW Airport, May 2012

International Award for an International School
Four North Euless Elementary School teachers have received a "Best Practices Award" from the Committee on Teaching About the United Nations (CTAUN). The award honors two years of work with a student service club the teachers created after attending a 2009 UN conference on protecting human rights.

Connie Rensink and Kaylyn Hughes attended the New York awards ceremony January 14, 2011. They accepted the award on behalf of their colleagues Kim Gideon and Annagrace Small, who did not attend. The four teachers received this international honor for creating "Club We Can" for their North Euless students. The school has students from more than 30 countries and is an international community all its own. The teachers paid their own travel expenses and their PTA paid for the conference fees.

"Best Practices Awards" are given to teachers and administrators who attend a CTAUN conference. The award is for teachers who use the content from the conference in their classrooms or school districts in innovative and creative ways. The goal of CTAUN is to inspire teachers as they help students understand the work of the United Nations around the world.

The four teachers who attended the 2009 UN Conference all agreed that the conference was "everything I expected and more" and had "a profound impact on me." The teachers began "Club We Can" after school in the fall of 2009 for children in grades three through six. The club is designed to help students understand human rights and to help them find ways to serve their school, community, and world.

"Club We Can" began with 35 students, four teachers, and one parent. The foundation of all club projects is universal human rights and responsibilities. The teachers designed a model project to show students how to plan and organize volunteer work. Students then chose and organized their own projects, which included a food drive and school flower bed maintenance. Students also conducted a drive for science lab materials and a fund raising project for children in Kenya.

The 2009-2010 school year ended with a well-attended International Night. The event celebrated the foods, languages, and cultures of North Euless students and families. In addition to students' enthusiasm for "Club We Can," the teachers saw both academic achievement and school atmosphere improve over the course of the year. This school year began with a group of 50 club members.