What We Offer

The Trinity High School counselors aim to eliminate barriers that might interfere with a student's success.

Each counselor's responsibilities include counseling students with certain last names, but we can and do take on students with any last name! There isn't any topic that we haven't discussed and tackled with students, parents, and teachers at Trinity High School.

Here's a list of just some of the topics and programs we work with:

  • Academics  and planning - scheduling, course selection, AP testing, EOC testing
  • Future Planning - college preparation, applications, scholarships, vocational programs
  • Personal issues - personal issues here at school or home, general "venting" and time outs, referrals to an outside therapist
  • Anxiety group for students during lunch time meetings
  • Military support group for students with relatives and friends overseas.
  • Support group for teachers and their issues.