Exam Prep Resources

HEB ISD has purchased resources to help students prepare for many different of exams. There are information, practice tests, and online books that you can use for free, for exams including:

  • 17 of the most common AP exams.
  • Career tests including Military, Accounting, Auto Repair & Collision, Cosmetology, Real Estate, Teaching, Computer Skills, Air Traffic Control, Medical/Nursing, and more

To get to these resources:

  1. Open hebisd.edu/library
  2. Click on the picture of a laptop with “7 - 12 Secondary Resources” on the screen
  3. If asked, enter the username “hebisd” and the password “hebisd” (without quotation marks).
  4. Click on “Databases” at the top of the page.
  5. Find and click the green link for the “Testing & Education Reference Center” from Gale.
  6. On the page that says “INFOTRAC”, click the “Proceed” button

Teachers & staff: You can use the link below to download a student handout with this information.