NCAA and Academic Eligibility

If you are interested in playing NCAA college sports, your high school academic accomplishments must meet the NCAA's requirements. You can learn more in this document on the NCAA website:


Below are two of the questions from that document, to give you an idea of what to expect. When you are actually planning your classes, we should check with the NCAA Eligibility Center for the most accurate, up-to-date requirements.


"When should a student register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

Students should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the beginning of their junior year in high school.  At the end of the student's junior year, a transcript, including six semesters of grades, should be sent to the  NCAA  Eligibility Center from the high school.  Additionally, students should have their SAT or ACT scores forwarded directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center (by using code "9999") whenever they take the exam."


"What requirements do I need to be able to practice, play and get a scholarship at an NCAA Division I or II college or university?

You need to complete the following:
1. Graduate from high school;
2. Complete a minimum of 16 (for Division I) or 14 (for Division II) core courses;
3. Present  the required grade-point average (GPA) (for complete details, see the Freshman Eligibility Standards Quick Reference Sheet for Division I  or a minimum 2.0 GPA for Division II); 
4. Present a qualifying test  score on either the ACT or SAT (for complete details, see the Freshman Eligibility Standards Quick Reference Sheet); and
5. Request final amateurism certification (beginning April 1 for fall enrollees or beginning October 1 for spring enrollees)."