Graduating and advancing to the next grade


How many credits do I need to advance to the next grade?

9th graders must have 5.0 credits to advance. 

10th graders must have 12.0 credits. 

11th graders must have 19.0 credits. 

12th graders must have 26.0 credits, in addition to specific core credit requirements (AND must pass the TAKS test) in order to graduate.


Can I wait until senior year to think about graduation requirements?

No! You need to plan your classes each year of high school to make sure you will have all the graduation requirements before it's too late. If you aren't sure if you'll be able to get all the necessary classes in time, please contact your counselor. We are happy to double-check your plan!

Don't forget, you also need to pass the TAKS test to graduate.

For a humorous take on how to meet all your graduation requirements, watch this student video: