Changing your Class Schedule

How can a student request a change in his/her schedule?

Students are provided a number of opportunities to effect schedule changes before the start of each term. However, it is very important to carefully consider course requests in the Spring, because it is more difficult to request actual changes to the schedule once courses have been created and filled. 

Generally, students may request a change in level placement (for example, from AP English to regular English) by bringing a parent note requesting the change during the Schedule Correction period prior to each trimester. This period occurs during Schedule/ID pickup in the summer, and approximately three weeks prior to the second and third trimester. For the second and third tri Schedule Correction periods, each student will be given a copy of his/her schedule, and counselors will be available in the cafeteria for changes. We STRONGLY recommend that students take advantage of this opportunity to make corrections. If an error exists (for example, the student has no 3rd period class), we will try to fix the problem on the spot. 

Once the new trimester has started, there is only one means of requesting a change: a Teacher-Initiated Schedule Change request form. See the teacher for the class for which the change is requested. Change requests will not necessarily be requested by the teacher or approved by the counselor.