Below is a list of commonly asked questions asked by incoming 7th graders:


1. Why play sports?  Participation in sports is an excellent way to compete for your school, stay in shape, make friends, and learn life-long lessons of teamwork, sportsmanship, and athletic skills that someday could earn you a college scholarship.


2. What is a sport’s physical?  A state required doctor’s exam needed to participate on a public school athletics team.


3. When is the sports physical due?  On the first day of school.  Turn it in to you Coach or at student registration.


4. Where can I get a physical?  At your doctor’s office or at a local clinic (the forms can also be downloaded from the homepage of this website).


5. What happens if I don’t get a sport’s physical?  You will be removed from the Athletics class.


6. What is the difference between Athletics and P.E.?  P.E. is for recreation and basic fitness.  Athletics are school teams that compete against other schools, with more rigorous practice and training requirements.


7. Are junior high sports competitive?  Very.  Many kids start playing sports as early as 1st and 2nd grade.  Some play year round.  Some play on select teams and even travel to different states. Central will face athletes from other schools who are highly skilled.


8. How many girls make a team?  In 7th grade, approximately 30 girls will make each team.  In Soccer, and Cross Country every student (approximately 100) can make the teams.


9. How many teams do you have for volleyball, basketball, and soccer?  Volleyball, Cross Country and Basketball have two teams:  A and B teams.  Soccer has an A, B, C, and a D team.


10. What happens if I try out for a team and don’t make it?  Students that try out and do not make a team will participate in our off-season training/skills program and prepare for the next sport. 


11. What period will I have Athletics?  All 7th grade girls will be enrolled in 1st period Athletics. 8th and 9th grade athletes will be in 7th period Athletics.


12. Do we play other schools?  Yes.  Our district is called the “Big 12” with 12 junior highs participating.


14. How do we get to the games?  You will be transported by school bus to/from games by your coaches.


15. I want to get my ear cartilage pierced, what do I do?  Be sure to get it pierced early enough before school starts in order that it heals totally by the first day of school.  JEWELRY IS NOT PERMITTED IN ATHLETICS CLASS, PRACTICES, OR GAMES.


16. Why are summer camps important?  Summer camps introduce kids to sports at an entry and intermediate level.  Advanced skills will be developed if a student plays on select teams or take skills lessons at  local training facilities.


17. What if I don’t play a sport or go to a camp over the summer? We highly encourage prior experience before school starts, however, those who do not take part will still be welcomed into the program and trained as well as possible in order to compete against the other schools.


18. What if I never played sports before….will I make a team?  Although there are no guarantees who will be selected, everyone is encouraged to try out for every sport (Cross-country and Soccer are No-Cut sports). 


19. Do we workout every day? Yes. 7th grade Athletes who make a team will be required to practice before school while 8th and 9th grade Athletes will practice after school.


20. Do we workout outdoors when it is cold or real hot?  Yes.  Exception:  We follow district guidelines for below freezing and above heat index weather.  We do not workout outdoors in extreme weather or if lightning has been detected.


21. Can I just wear my own stuff to work out?  No.  Our policy is for each student to match and have uniformity across the teams and classes. 


22. Do we take showers?  Shower facilities are available.


24. Why are soccer and cross country No-Cut?  These sports are No-Cut in order to allow all students in Athletics the opportunity to play on a team each semester.


25. Will we do fundraising?  Yes. A Fall and a Spring fundraiser will be planned.


26. Do we get grades or does everyone make a 100?  We take grades daily and only deduct points if grading policies are not followed. 


27. What happens if I fail a class?  State Law requires students who fail ANY class to sit out a minimum of three weeks from participation.  Students will regain eligibility if they pass all classes at the “three-week grade check”.  Report card and three-week grade check dates are scheduled by the state of Texas and are strictly followed.