Ninth Graders Selected to Superintendent Scholars Group

Each school year, ninth graders at all five junior high schools take the PSAT exam. This test is usually administered during a student's junior year and is used to determine National Merit Scholars. Many of these ninth graders had a high enough score that Steve Chapman, superintendent of schools, has identified them as Superintendent Scholars. These students will have an opportunity for summer enrichment programs. They will be able to take the PSAT again as sophomores, and those who meet the designated score will become the Superintendent Merit Scholars. They will be eligible for intense enrichment and exam preparation before taking the PSAT as juniors. 

Chapman spoke to these students recently and said, “I have high expectations for all of you. I expect to see you as National Merit Scholars when you are seniors. That will give you access to just about any university you want, with many scholarships to come your way. Universities will recruit you if you are a National Merit Scholars because they want the best and brightest students.”