Tinikling is the most popular and best known of the Philippine dances and honored as the Philippine national dance . The dance imitates the movement of the tikling birds as they walk between grass stems, run over tree branches, or dodge bamboo traps set by rice farmers. Dancers imitate the tikling bird's legendary grace and speed by skillfully maneuvering between large bamboo poles. Tinikling means "bamboo dance" in English.



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Kindergarten through 5th grade have been given the challenge to learn and perform the beautifully difficult dance called TINIKLING.

3rd through 5th grade will choreograph their own special TINIKLING dance and perform it for their classes. Students will select their dancers, music, and provide the choreograpy. The will need a full understanding of all the different steps movements to complete this task.

The best dances will be shown here on the website!

In the videos below you will see the progress each grade is currently making in their effort to learn and perform this wonderful dance.

You will also find links (PLEASE CHECK LINKS PAGE) to some amazing variations of the TINIKLING dance performed by professional groups. Students will use these videos to help develop an understanding of the dance and create their own version!

Our goal is to combine different cultures to create a magical presentation of grace, skill, and most importantly teamwork and cooperation.


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

Here is a Tinikling redention performed to a Michael Jackson Song.


5th Grade