Weather Update: School is Canceled for Thursday, March 5

Superintendent of Schools Steve Chapman has announced that school is canceled for Thursday, March 5.  All after school and extracurricular activities scheduled for Thursday are canceled as well. This cancellation includes the Awards of Excellence banquet. The banquet will be rescheduled for a later date.

No decision has been made about Friday's schedule. Check the district website, School Backpack, social media, and local TV for updates, which will be announced as soon as they become available.

This full-day, tuition based program provides a detailed outline of knowledge and competencies young children need in order to build a solid, coherent foundation for later learning.  

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
Movement and Coordination – Physical Attention and Relaxation, Gross Motor Skills, Eye-Hand  and Eye-Foot Coordination, Group Games, Creative Movement and Expression.

Social and Emotional Development
Autonomy and Social Skills - Sense of Self and Personal Responsibility, Working in a Group Setting.

Approaches to Learning
Work Habits – Memory Skills, Following Directions, Task Persistence and Completion

Language Development
Language Development - Oral Language, Nursery Rhymes, Poems, Fingerplays and Songs, Storybook Reading and Storytelling, Emerging Literacy Skills in Reading and Writing

Knowledge Acquisition and Cognitive Development
Mathematics  – Patterns and Classification, Geometry, Measurement, Numbers and Number Sense, Addition and Subtraction with Concrete Objects, Money

Orientation in Time and Space – Time: Vocabulary, Measures of Time, Passage of Time (Past, Present, Future); Space: Vocabulary, Actual and Represented Space, Simple Maps, Basic Geographical Concepts

Science – Human Characteristics, Needs and Development; Animal Characteristics, Needs and Development; Plant Characteristics, Needs and Growth; Physical Elements (Water, Air, Light),Tools

Music – Attention to Differences in Sound, Imitate and Produce Sounds, Listen and Sing, Listen and Move

Visual Arts – Attention to Visual Detail, Creating Art (painting, drawing, collage), Looking at and Talking about Art