What is GAPP?

GAPP is the German American Partnership Program.  It is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and the German Education Department.  GAPP is a short-term exchange program that pairs American and German secondary schools.  

The German students come to Trinity in March or April each year, and our return visit to Berlin, Germany is in June every year, right after school is out.  The exchange is for a minimum of 21 days, which includes going to school - yes, students have to go to school during the summer.


How does it work and how much will it cost?

German and American students are matched up by interests.  A Trinity student hosts a JFK student in the spring, and stays with that student upon our visit to Berlin. 

The cost for the student has not been over $1,500.00 in the past six years.  We do a lot of fundraising to keep the cost down, and to make this trip affordable to almost all students.


Who Is our partner school?

Our Partner school is the John-F.-Kennedy school in Berlin, Germany.  It is an American and German school.  Take a look at our partner school at www.jfks.de

Here is a link to the 50th anniversary celebration at the John F. Kennedy school.  The presentations are done partially in German and in English.