Editing your homepage
(for teachers)

Teachers' homepages can be comprised of two different types of boxes that are edited in different ways. To figure out which type of boxes you have:

  1. Open your homepage while logged in to SchoolCenter
  2. On the blue toolbar at the top of the page, click Edit. (You should then see a black Edit toolbar underneath the blue toolbar.)
  3. Hover over the box you'd like to change.
  4. Look for icons that appear at the top corners of the box:

SchoolCenter Picture

If there is a black rounded rectangle at the top right corner, use theinstructions for Picture and Text boxes...

SchoolCenter Picture

If there is a pencil icon at the top left corner,  use the instructions for Newsletter boxes...


Note: The two types of boxes can both be on the same page and can be sorted separately, but they can't be mixed together; all the Picture and Text boxes will always appear above all the Newsletter boxes.