Assistant Principals and Websites
(what should I do?)

I'm not an assistant principal, I'm a...

What are my responsibilities?

Expect all teachers to meet the minimum website requirements, especially regarding posting assignment information.

Maintain your own high-quality Assistant Principal website.


How can I get more from my school's website?

Encourage teachers to maintain high-quality websites.

Support your WSA throughout the year.

Work with the Assistant Webmaster to identify opportunities to improve your site and use it to your benefit.


Who maintains the parts of my school's website?

Teachers maintain their own websites.

Adding, moving, and removing teacher sites is typically done by the Assistant Webmaster when notified by the WSA or principal. The Assistant Webmaster also must handle all SchoolCenter user account and access issues.

Administrators, counselors, and other staff typically maintain their own websites.

The school website is maintained by the campus Web Site Administrator (WSA).