Minimum Requirements for Teacher Websites

Who says?!

The documents that list rules for teacher websites are:

Board Policy CQ (REG) specifies minimum requirements for classroom Web pages

HEB ISD Website Handbook reviews the CQ (REG) guidelines and provides rules for additional design aspects such as acceptable color and image use.

Every teacher site needs to have 4 things:

  • home page
  • complete assignment information
  • any special dates (field trips, etc)
  • contact form

Secondary teachers have an additional requirement:

  • supply list posted before first day of school (if any extra supplies are necessary)

If your website has these things and only these things, then it complies with Board Policy.


What else should I know?

There are also general rules that apply to all types of pages:

Must be kept accurate and up-to-date. Everything must be accurate and up-to-date. If it's March and your website still says "Welcome to the new school year," your website is not up-to-date.

Student pictures and names must comply with FERPA. Remember the FERPA forms from the back of the Code of Conduct at the beginning of the school year? What you can post about a student is limited by what the student's parents selected on that form. Each school's front office should have that information.

Links must be curriculum-related. You may only link to two types of webpages: pages with information related to your curriculum topics, and pages for parent organizations that exist solely to support the district.