Houston's Art Car Parade in its 22nd year this year, attracts over 250,000 people and draws expansive media coverage from around the globe. Over $10,000 dollars in prized are awarded in 14 categories. However, it is the full scope of creating an art car from beginning-to end inside the classroom that is of the most benefit for the students:

• Their concept of the world expands beyond the bounds of their immediate community.
• They learn to concentrate and pay attention to details and develop pride in their accomplishments as a group and as individuals.
• They learn to set long term goals and then achieve the satisfaction of reaching those goals.
• They master problem solving skills, develop discipline, and discover the value of teamwork.
• They develop a greater understanding of conflict resolution and compromise.
• They learn to appreciate the freedom of expression a project of this nature provides.
• And most importantly, they gain a greater sense of self.

When children develop these skills they have fewer discipline problems, take pride in themselves and their work and become better students.