Posters can be made for teachers throughout the district here in the Drafting Department at the Technical Education Center. Files used for making posters should be attached to an e-mail and should be in JPEG, Powerpoint, or Adobe PDF format. Word documents do not work well for making posters. Documents made in Publisher will not be accepted. JPEG images need to be fairly large pictures. Thumbnails and bitmaps do not make good posters when they are enlarged. Powerpoint slides can also be used to make posters. Be sure to set the paper size in power point to the desired poster size before making your slide. Standard poster sizes are 17 x 22 and 22 x 34. Please contact me about any custom sizes. Cost of printing posters will be $4.00 each. Laminating will be an additional $1.00 each. Send attachments to: with any specific instructions and extension #. If you wish to contact me my ext.# is 5048