Suggestions for Nutritious School Snacks

Beverages Fruit juices Fruit smoothies Milk, non-fat or low-fat, plain or flavored Approved sparkling or plain water

Low-fat Grain Foods Mini-bagel bread sticks Animal crackers Graham crackers Soft pretzel, plain or flavored English muffin Pretzels Mini rice cakes, flavored Low-fat sports bars Fig Newtons Baked tortilla chips with salsa Low-fat fruit or grain muffin (3 oz) Vanilla wafers Dry cereal, individual servings Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In-season, fresh fruit Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower with low-fat dip or salad dressing

Additional Treats 100% fruit snacks Fruit bars Frozen low-fat yogurt Frozen fruit bars Low-fat pudding, plain Fat free popcorn or as a parfait Beef jerky - 95% fat free Yogurt splits (yogurt, banana Peanut butter and crackers with toppings) or parfaits Low-fat string cheese Low-fat sandwich cookies Fruit, nut and/or grain trail mixes (chocolate or vanilla)

Entrée Suggestions for School Parties Salads made with pasta, meat, Bean burrito and/or vegetables Grilled or baked vegetable or cheese quesadilla Pasta with marinara sauce Sub sandwiches Pizza bagels (or English muffins) Tortilla wraps filled with meat and/or vegetables Baked potato with vegetable or chili topping

Additional Items Not Restricted by Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value Policy Ice cream Cookies Candy containing chocolate Cupcakes and/or nuts Cakes Chips Non-carbonated beverages including punch, lemonade, Dips Kool-Aid

Non-Food Reward Ideas Pencils Stars Stickers Certificates Coupons for extra computer time, Rulers free time, reading time, etc. Movie coupons