1st Grade Sight Words





MOOSE Assignment and Communication Sheet  

(M anagement O f O rganizational S kills E veryday)




 Language Arts


~Currently, your child should be reading on a Guided Reading Level C or above.  In order for students to be promoted to 2nd grade, they must be reading on a Level I or higher by End of Year Reading 3-D testing in May.  Please keep reading! 

Reading: Using strategies to determine unknown words, reading with fluency and SWAP List 1

Writing: Writing, capitalizing and punctuating sentences, spelling words with common spelling patterns and writing using beginning, middle and end.

* *SWAP List 3 must be mastered by the end of the 6th 6 weeks!**

Practice words for 10 minutes every night.

*A good way to practice the SWAP words is to use the game "Rabbits and Turtles".  Rabbits=fast  Turtles=slow  Begin with a group of 10-15 words.  Students are flashed the cards one at a time and expected to read them in 3 seconds or less.  If they can, it's a rabbit word, put in a rabbit pile.  If they take longer, it's a turtle, put in the turtle pile.  For rabbit words, put a check mark on the back of the card.  Once the sudent has 3 check marks in a row, the word can be "graduated".  The graduate pile is another pile that should be reviewed every once in a while, like once a month or so.  (You can also check these words off of the list in your childs binder.)  Turtle words need more practice, but can be bumped up to rabbit words once they can read them in 3 seconds or less.  Words have to be practiced until they "graduate". 




Social Studies