Computer Technology Spotlight


The Computer Technology program is on the cutting edge of computer education in the nation. Students enrolled have the opportunity to train for careers in the computer, networking and electronics industries.

Students learn and certify on computer hardware and software. They use both the Microsoft and Linux operating systems, preparing them for the most up to date positions in information processing. Students explore and practice information security techniques highly in demand in industry. The students build and support the technology used in the classroom at the Buinger Career and technology Academy. Each student has the opportunity to work in a real world environment, which closely follows the experiences found in industry.

Students prepare for certification in the wide variety of paths to success offered in the program. Some of the certifications offered to the students include CompTIA’s A+, NET+, SECURITY+, SERVER+ and LINUX+. Certifications in Microsoft’s operating systems or applications are also available, including certification in OSHA’s CareerSafe program. They participate in the CISCO IT Essentials program to help them prepare for certification.

The program instructor is a Registered Certified Electronics Technician in Computers and holds many certifications in varied fields in computers, networking and electronics. He is currently serving on the National Technical Committee for SkillsUSA and is a published author of curriculum in the computer and electronics fields.

The knowledge the students learn in the program prepares them for many futures. They can take their knowledge and certifications to receive college credit toward degrees in the field or enter the workforce with both hands-on experience and certified training.

The Computer Technology program demonstrates once again the commitment of Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD to be at the forefront of Career and Technology education by providing its students with leading industry partnered educational opportunities


















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