Education & Interior Design Spotlight

The Instructional Practices in Education and Training is a double block class in which the students get hands on experience on becoming a teacher.  The students have classroom instruction as well as going to a grade level of their choice to be an intern.  As an intern, they help the teacher with the class by mentoring students, tutoring students, present lessons, read books and do bulletin boards for the lessons.  The teacher in the class mentors the student during their time in the class.  The students may take this class one trimester or up to 4 trimesters.  Each trimester goes deeper into what it takes to be an effective teacher.  So in the end, a student will be confident of their choice of teaching as the appropriate career for them.  They are ready for the college classes in education.

There is also a local, state, and national organization that is associated with this class.  The Texas Association of Future Educators is an excellent organization for these students to be a member.  In this organization, the students get the opportunity to meet other students from around the area and state who want to be teachers.  At the regional level, they participate in a competition of their choice that pertains to teaching.  It could be lesson planning, bulletin boards, speeches, etc.  There are a number of options.  If they qualify at regionals, then they compete at the state competition as well.  At both the regional and state competitions, there are also opportunities to go to classes that give different information about teaching and going to college.  Even at the local level, the students participate in service projects, fund raising, leadership, teacher appreciation, tutoring and education projects. The students can also be a member of this organization in college.



Interior Design focuses on housing and architectural styles, career preparation, factors affecting housing choices, technology applications, and home maintenance, principles and elements of design. Students worked on hands-on projects and at the end of the trimester designed a living room from their “Dream Home” on a color board for presentation. Students participated in field trips where they observed architectural designs.

















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