Who do I contact if I have Gradebook issues?
The primary contact for Gradebook is your campus TCI. If he/she is unable to help resolve the issue then your campus Instructional Technology Specialist should be contacted. Your final contact should be the district Gradebook administrator.

Can I purchase software to be used in my classroom?
No-All software must be district approved and purchased.

How do I get educational software approved for purchase?
The teacher must submit the appropriate form to the curriculum coordinator for approval of any purchase of software other than the district standard.

How can I request that an Internet site be unblocked for educational use?
You should submit your request to the helpdesk.

Who do I contact for printer, TV/VCR, or projector problems?
You will contact the campus CTA for all issues regarding hardware problems.

 What are the general guidelines for ALL classroom web pages?

  • Background, headers, navigation location and style, and font styles should not be changed on any page. Font sizes may be changed to differentiate headlines and body text. Very large text (anything over size 4) should not be used. If use of an accent color is desired, school colors (main colors of school Web site) should be used.
  • This includes text, box/table borders or box/table backgrounds. Additional colors may be used sparingly for occasional emphasis, but the color should not be distracting to the page design - such as florescent colors.
  • Text should be easy to read on the computer screen.
  • All subject matter posted must support the classroom, curriculum or area of study (with the exception of the teacher's bio which may contain limited personal information about the teacher if desired).
  • Each teacher must be the only author of their own site. Help from a designated campus Instructional Technology Specialist is encouraged if needed, but the teacher must be the actual person to edit his or her assigned pages. Sharing passwords and/or logging into unauthorized Web site pages is not permitted.
  • No animated gifs, movies, audio, or page "decorations" permitted on any page.
    Photos and still artwork (clipart, logos, etc..) if used must directly pertain to the subject matter or posted on the page, with the exception of optional designated "scrapbook" pages which don't necessarily require a subject matter. However photos must be "school or curriculum related". NO PERSONAL PHOTOS.