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Inducted May 31, 1997

Wichita Falls High School, Wichita Falls, Texas:  Football and Baseball All District, All State, Starter Offense and Defense, Texas All Star and Oil Bowl Football Games; Oklahoma University:  Football Scholarship, All Big Seven Quarterback; Austin College:  Co-Captain, All Texas Team, Little All American; Green Bay Packers:  Two Time Outstanding Player of the Week;  Midwestern University:  Assistant Coach;  Burgess High School, El Paso, Texas:  First Head Football Coach;  L.D. Bell High School:  First Assistant Football Coach, Head Basketball Coach, Head Golf Coach, 1961;  Trinity High School:  First Head Football Coach and Athletic Coordinator, 1968, Coached Eight Years,  Developed the foundation for the all around quality athletic program;  Over thirty players received football scholarships; Two players played professionally;  Thirty-Two Years Teaching and Coaching in the H.E.B. School District 

He taught not only facts and figures, but how to live life well.

Born June 1, 1932

The Coach - The Man

"The Example"