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Inducted February 4, 2006

Handley High School: Graduated 1957; Junior High Coach 1964-69:  Haltom, North Oaks, Irma Marsh;  Castleberry High School 1970-76:  Cross Country Coach, Track Coach, Head Football Coach, Athletic Director;  Bedford Junior High 1976-78:  Football Coach, Cross Country and Track Coach;  Trinity High School 1978-80:  Head Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, and Track Coach;  Central Junior High Track District Championships 1980-2002:  7th Grade Boys, Sixteen, 7th Grade Girls, Twelve, 8th Grade Boys, Eighteen, 8th Grade Girls , Twelve, 9th Grade Boys, Seventeen, 9th Grade Girls, Fourteen;  Cross Country District Championships:  7th Grade Boys, Twelve, 7th Grade Girls, Ten, 8th Grade Boys, Fourteen, 8th Grade Girls, Twelve, 9th Grade Boys, Sixteen, 9th Grade Girls, Fourteen;  8th Grade Football Coach 1980-1990:  Eight District Championships, Six Undefeated Seasons, Record 78-10-3;  9th Grade Football Coach 1991-2001:  Eight District Championships, Three Undefeated Seasons, Record 86-18-4;  Director for All H.E.B. Junior High Track Meets 1981-1998.  


Born December 22, 1939

One of a Kind

"A Coach for All Ages"