The "i" team is a student-led group that creates ideas to improve student achievement and overall student life at Hurst Jr. High, even the organization's t-shirts are student designed. The "i" team was created in the second semester last year in response to the observed needs to encourage and reward desired student qualities at Hurst. The group is comprised of representatives from every advisory class on campus, giving every student a voice in decisions that are made. The "i" team has rewarded students for good conduct, oustanding academic achievement, and even written personalized notes to fellow students and teachers to let individuals know what a difference they have made in another's life. The "i" team has also performed various service projects such as adopting a family from the Christmas providers organization this year. The "i" team meets bi-weekly to discuss new incentive ideas and to address various needs on campus.


Hanging up the shelves for the magazines in the cafeteria!