Grandparent’s Day at South Euless was a complete success! Over 150 grandparents attended our breakfast from 7:15 – 8:00 a.m. After breakfast they were welcomed into our classrooms to observe and see their student hard at work. The smiling faces and happy children say it all!

Each morning at South Euless Elementary, the morning announcement crew gathers about a half hour before school begins to organize for their daily show, which airs live on every South Euless classroom monitor. The sixth grade students, who auditioned for the coveted spots last year, set up and run the camera, arrange the set, and prepare their scripts without any assistance from adults. The Pledge of Allegiance, birthdays, sports, weather, jokes, and the announcing of the “South Euless Stars of the Week” are just a few of the show's inclusions.
South Euless Teachers have been meeting all week to prepare for the new school year. One of our meetings involved physical activities called "Brain Gym" which are exercises to help kids think and maintain information. The pictures are demonstrations of what the teachers explored.
South Euless third graders started the creation of South Euless' nature garden. Each grade level and special area will help create this space.
Nicole Stolle, third grade teacher, has started a new school-wide program to promote fitness and wellness. Each Friday morning, South Euless students, parents, and staff start off the day in front of the school and participate in group led exercise. Our guest instructor is personal fitness coach and aerobics trainer, Corey Lee, from Arlington. Other exercises are led by South Euless teachers and administrators.
Our first routine was a huge success. It was awesome to see children and adults enjoying getting their day going with a good attitude and exercise!!
These students set an excellent example for others and represent South Euless STARS!
December - Penguins, snowflakes, and Christmas trees; what do they have in common? They decorated South Euless' hallways in the months of December and January!!
November - Cade Anslem in sixth grade is the South Euless Spelling Bee Champion for 2003. Alex Alvarado in fifth grade is the runner-up. Congratulations to all participants!!
November - South Euless students collected foods and other goods to donate to the local Women's Shelter.
October - Thanks to the camera tricks and photography from Mrs. Popores, South Euless' cafeteria manager for her pictures of the students and staff during the RED RIBBON SAY NO TO DRUGS WEEK!!!
October - Local Fire Department presented a wonderful program to South Euless that reminded us to use proper fire safety and remember EDITH - Exit Drills In The Home
September - South Euless students and staff dressed up as what they wanted to be when they "Grow Up." We sure have some wonderful future STARS!!!
September - Homer and Rupert presented to South Euless students and reminded us to always have confidence in ourselves.
September - Held in a local park on a beautiful day, South Euless staff and students enjoyed a wonderful day of fishing with friends and family. WHAT A CATCH!!